Gustavo Valenzuela

Hermosillo, Sonora, 1938 -

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Gustavo Valenzuela is a master of color, light, texture, flavor, and aroma. Valenzuela paints still lifes from a point of view out of the ordinary. He plays with the size of things, and transmits its perceptions as if his eyes were a magnifying glass, amplifies not only the size of things but its texture, its color, its light to such a degree that we can almost feel them, smell them and taste them.


Main Solo Exhibitions


1978 Galeria Miro, Monterrey N.L., Mexico

1978 Galeria Central de Arte Misrachi, Mexico City

1980 Galeria Wolmy, Mexico Ciity

1987 Galeria Arte Nucleo, Mexico City

1991 Galeria Estrella, Houston Texas

1997 Galeria Coudourier, Mexico City

1999 Galeria Piazza, Mexico City

2001 Galeria Piazza, Mexico City