Peter Von Artens

Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1937 - USA, 2003

Available Works

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Excerpts about Peter Von Artens

"I am not interested in conceptual, symbolism and social messages. I'm focus in solve an aesthetic problem of light, shape and color". (Source: By Peter von Artens quoted by Martha Zamora in "Peter Von Artens")

Its aesthetic origin comes from plural paths, although the artist says that he has never followed the avant-garde. It is not assumed as hyperrealist painter but he considers that his aesthetic is closer to a simple and classical realism, where the work that comes from his hand to the brush and then to the canvas is only the lively response to the real items placed in front of him, interpreted in light and color.

Begins with the physical composition of still life painting where the pieces are arranged in a kind of story proposed to the watcher, explicit and truthful, forming a controlled aesthetic unit surrounded by a chromatic atmosphere for projecting intense emotions related to sensuality and pleasure. (Source: By Martha Zamora in "Peter Von Artens")


Main Solo Exhibitions


1958 Universidad Catolica de Chile, Escuela de Bellas Artes, Santiago de Chile, Chile

1960 Exposicion de pintura de Peter von Artens, Galeria Fernando Fe, Madrid, Spain

1961 Ciudades y paisajes, Sala de exposiciones de la Municipalidad de los Condes, Santiago de Chile, Chile

1963 Peter von Artens, Galeria San Jorge, Madrid, Spain

1963 Iniciacion al Abstracto, Galeria Fortuny, Madrid, Spain

1965 Exhibition of painting by Peter von Artens, Burgos Gallery, New York

1966 Surrealism by Peter von Artens, Inter-American Development Bank, Washington D.C.

1970 Peter von Artens, Galeria Wildenstein, Buenos Aires, Argentina

1972 Von Artens, Galeria Nueva Vision, Caracas, Venezuela

1979 Selvas, Galeria Rive Gauche, Caracas, Venezuela

1989 Presencias Reales, Galeria Felix, Caracas, Venezuela

1991 Piedras y naturalezas muertas de Peter von Artens, Galeria Ansorena, Madrid, Spain

1991 Robert Mapplethorpe and Peter von Artens, Galeria Nova, Malaga, Spain

1991 Dibujos Recientes, Galeria Felix, Caracas, Venezuela

1993 Retratos, oleos y pasteles, Galeria Felix, Caracas, Venezuela

1994 Peter von Artens, Galeria El Museo, Santa Fe de Bogota, Colombia

1996 La Imagen Viva, Gallery Espacio, San Salvador, El Salvador

1998 Images Alive, Marisa del Re Gallery, New York

1999 Peter von Artens, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Panama, Panama City

2000 The Moment, Wally Findlay Gallery, East Hampton, New York

2001 Figure and Space, Durban Segnini Gallery, Coral Gables, Florida

2002 A Feast of Color, Wally Findlay Gallery, Palm Beach, Florida

2002 El Canto del Color, Interart, Mexico City